New Park View on W High

Submitted by Invest Orrville on Thu, 08/22/2019 - 9:00am
Demolition of bowling alley in Orrville

“Before any project becomes a reality it must exist in the mind of someone. Orrville’s beauty spot is no exception to this rule,” George H. Irvin, one of five community leaders responsible for the development of Orr Park, 1930.

The scenery at the corner of W High and Hall Street changed dramatically on Monday, August 5 when the building that was formerly Parkview Lanes Bowling Alley was demolished.

Property History

The Orrville Development Foundation (ODF), a 501c3 non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote and develop the community of Orrville, purchased the property from Steve Steiner in May, 2019. The real estate, 515 W High, had been unoccupied and on the market since Parkview Lanes ceased operations in 2017.

The facility, constructed in 1946, operated as a bowling alley for 70 years. Originally owned by the Arnold family and then by the Kurtz family the business operated under the name Orrville Bowling Lanes. When Ken Steiner purchased the business he changed the name to Parkview Lanes. Ken sold the business to son, Steve, upon his retirement.

Our Vision

The property will be developed by the ODF as a public green space and donated within a year to the City of Orrville to become part of Orr Park.

“We are currently working with the adjacent property owners, Orrville City Schools and City of Orrville, on a design plan for the property,” stated Mark Zook, ODF president.  “It’s important that we get this right and we are taking our time to work through the process.”

It is the ODF’s intent to preserve the mature trees on the property while adding landscaping elements that draw people into the space. 

“This corner is the entryway to Orr Park and the Orrville City School campus. It’s also very close to the Heartland Trail,” stated Lori Reinbolt, interim executive director, ODF. “All of these bring visitors to Orrville each year and we have a unique opportunity to create a space that makes our guests feel welcome as well as serves as a point of interest for the entire community.”

An important element to the final design plan will be permanent recognition of the five community leaders who were responsible for developing Orr Park in the 1930.  

The redevelopment of this property is the first of many Invest Orrville community improvement projects. Invest Orrville is the marketing tag line adopted by the ODF to identify projects coordinated by the organization.

Get Connected

For information on how to support or get involved with Invest Orrville projects, contact Lori Reinbolt, Interim Executive Director, ODF and President, Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce, 330-682-8881 ext 52.

Submitted by Orrville Development Foundation